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Disparities of health and economic growth

2 février 2011
Christian Legrève

animateur au Centre Franco Basaglia. De janvier 2005 à mars 2018, responsable du service éducation permanente de la Fédération des maisons médicales

Our congress begin with two experts. Wim Van Lerberghe and Jean-Marie Harribey. The director of systems and health policies Service of the WHO. J.-M., the scientific consultant of Attac-France. The doctor of public health, the economist theorist of sustainable development.

The articulation between both conferences is nor the choice of fate nor a constraint of the schedule.

Wim Van Lerbeghe was the chief editor of the WHO report "Primary health care, now more than ever" (2008). He will talk about the major stake in public policies : the disparities of health. Indeed the report highlights the necessity of a worldwide universal healthcare coverage. But where it exists, it is based on an agreement between social partners and politicians on a distribution of the product of growth. Growth with its fatal effects, as each can observe, in particularly on the health of the populations.

Jean-Marie Harribey analyzes development policies and their effects. He also studies the alternative ways to this growth society. In particular, he looked how we can generalize the universal healthcare cover outside a context of an economic growth. Social welfare without productivism.

The articulation between these two expertises, so close and yet so separate, is our first deal.

Christian Legreve